Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More fantastic light yesterday

You have seen it before: The Electrical plant HC Ørstedsværket, built on landfill for the city of Copenhagen by architect Andreas Fussing finished in 1920 . Architect Louis Hygom greatly expanded the plant in 1924 and 1932.

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Don't expect a visit anytime soon

Sign: Please contact the office as soon as possible.

We have come to take you away

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Friday, January 26, 2007

A beautiful afternoon

Again the long shadows but this time they are from the west and more red - look at the last photo. On my way home through town.

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

A beautiful sunny morning through town

HC Andersens Boulevard morning chaos and Danish Design Centre in front (the new facade)

Seconds later (or 75m later) Town hall 101 meters. What is so great about this time a year is when the sun decides to show up early the trajectory is SOOO low it gives off a completely different light -almost flat.

Sct. Nicolai church -notice the long shadow from the woman in the right side of the photo, it is hear legs!

Ministry of defence.... a bit further down the road Arne Jacobsens FANTASTIC national bank of Denmark -notice the entrance - the small black square "on top" of the windshield of the car. It's said to be the smallest entrance to any national bank - but trust be you will have an architectural mind blowing experience when you enter. No - no gold, shields emblems in the floor or any of that cheap crap. The road continues....Last picture passing the cool Knippelsbro over the harbour to Christians Havn.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ultimate Hot Chocolate

(Yes I know it's my new 10mm lens that gives the photo this crazy look -I love it!)
Ingredients are:

  • Ecological milk (naturally),
  • Real coco
  • Brown sugar
  • Homemade honey from the chairman of the danish honey collectors society.
mixed slowly with only a few drops of milk - it becomes a past. Slowly add more milk until the past has absolved into the milk. Now it is ready for the frother on the Espresso machine!

The foam is so smooth it is hard to make out. Mmmmmmm.......


This very morning


Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Just when I turned on the light this morning - a guy down at the local Netto (cheap supermarket) digged over the electricity cable for all the surrounding buildings.So no coffee for me this morning!
( so how do you post this you ask?)
From School.....

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Good Sunday


Sunday, January 14, 2007

My Obsession With Coffee

As you can tell from my previous post I'm into coffee.

Okay I'll admit it it's more than a hobby. Once you start taking photos of your coffee there really is no turning back!Here is a look at a moccachino I made the other day. Fresh Organic milk real coco mixed with brown sugar and a double espresso.

It all began With Mikkel on Cream Fraiche -our local café in 1988. I remember my belly complaining about it. From then on I drank coffee. French roast was standard!

When I went to Scotland in 2003 it was a turn for the worse. Over there ( no not America for once) They were in the mist of the big coffee shop war! Starbucks had bought the English coffee shop Seattle Coffee ( confused? -An English couple returned from Seattle (home of Starbucks - amongst other things) and thought to themselves -why aren't there any coffee shops in London? so the made 14 shops -which Starbucks eventually bought -but that's a different story).So fighting it out there were coffee to be bought EVERYWHERE! Starbucks, Nero, Banana Republic and Costa coffee had so many stores even on the campus of the university I was attending at the time (which in Denmark would have been unthinkable back then). There were 2 Costa coffee shops on campus and the one closest to me was in the former -off limits teachers library. Since it had just open nobody where using it yet -they probably still thought it was a no go area?! The building was the Harry Potter building you'd expect of a University in Scotland (where HP is filmed by the way) overlooking the grounds, the river Dee to the south. Here I sat and had my first of many Large Moccachinos for 1,10 pounds -40p for Flake (chocolate put into the coffee - it was perfect!) It became addictive and as they say in the drug dealers world - first time is for free. In the end I spent 1,50 pounds on coffee EVERY day (don't start counting). When I got back I had a very long very cold coffee turkey, but thought I got over it -for a while. I bought a stove espresso machine to compensate.

I returned to London a year later. After check out in the airport I immediately rush to Costa Coffee (in the airport!), here the Barista tells me there out of Flake. This is were I find myself saying "look man, I waited for a YEAR!! and traveled all the way from Denmark to get a fucking cup of Moccachino -and you don't have FLAKE!!!???". Once a junkie....

I was there for a week - a junkie in Heroin Country - completely out of control - I knew the right thing to do was to drink as much coffee as I could while I was there! I had four cups a day (don't start counting). -every kind, every company! more more more!! Until the fifth day I had to give in to the physical effects of the coffee. Not the shaking, not the sleepless nights, not my mind rambling but the laxative effect! I realized the harsh realities: there IS a limit to how much coffee it is wise to drink. (Just trust me on this one). When I got back I knew I could no longer settle for a stove espresso model, it would be a question of time - AND money!(don't start counting). When I stopped smoking - (partly thanks to the Shädy Äres good motivation on that one) I had to have some other kind of drug/substitute and coffee just comes the closest! A good espresso has the same kind of rush feeling (or close to) I got from inhaling those first puffs from a cigarette -deeeeep puffs. So I bought my Bodum Granos espresso machine!

What a relief! Making GOOD coffee in your very own kitchen! I recommend that machine any day! But buying a real espresso machine for your kidney only makes you realise that you have to sell a testicle to buy the grinder and tamper and pitcher and all the other crap as well(don't start counting)! So you sell out you integrity piece buy piece, while you look for the best coffee. I found the best coffee, but the REAL question is do you WANT to find the best coffee????

The best coffee in the world is Risteriets: Uno espresso coffee. Since this is a local shop in Copenhagen and it is the only place you can buy this coffee, you suddenly feel like you live in the middle ages where you have to travel fare to the marketplace! Because once you try Uno you can no longer buy other coffee and feel the same satisfaction - it sucks! This means you are a full member of the coffee geek club, when you accept driving (on bike of cause) half way through the city just to buy that DAMN good coffee! ...and you thought you had already paid enough idiot taxes as it was by buying these machines in the first place(don't start counting)!
So now it is official: Hello my name is Lasse and I am a coffee addict!

Stay tuned for the upcoming report where I will go all the way and drink coffee that an animal has past through it's digestive system!

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An Espresso for Mikkel

The only thing that lacks in politics is good coffee!

One Espresso coming up!

Have a look at the cause of this post here ! Do you take sugar with that?

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I'll be back!!

(The sign says Closed because of disease.)
I am working hard therefore not much of a blogger these days


Friday, January 05, 2007

Political Humor

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